Sausage Pizza on the Grill

Why stop at kebabs and sausage, when you can do so much more with the BBQ? Try this Sausage Pizza on the Grill for your next backyard meal. This easy recipe comes together in a flash, which will come in handy when everyone is asking for seconds. Try with our Johnsonville Mild Italian Sausage, classic tomato and mozzarella, or customize with your favourite toppings.


Prep Time


Cook Time


What You Need
2 tbsp
olive oil
1 cup
pizza sauce of choice
1 cup
shredded cheese
tomato, diced
1 bunch
basil as garnish, whole or diced fine
  • Preheat your grill to medium high. Cook sausages according to package instructions. Remove from heat and slice into 1/4″ medallions or decase (to preference).
  • Brush olive oil on both sides of pita bread, then place on grill. Spread layer of pizza sauce on pita (approximately 1/3 cup per pizza). Top with mozzarella cheese, diced tomato and sausage meat.
  • Cook on grill for approximately 15-20 minutes, or until bottom of pita is golden and crispy, and cheese has melted.
  • Garnish with basil and serve.
  • Tip for campers: Pre-cook, cool and pack pasta in Ziplock type bags for your camping trips. Finish cooking in foil on the grill for an easy and delicious meal on your next outdoor adventure.
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