Sausage Bread Pudding

A classic breakfast just got a Johnsonville twist. With our easy bread pudding recipe you can now serve this dish for breakfast, lunch and dinner – and it’s perfect for a stress-free holiday morning. Just throw the ingredients together the night before and pop it in the oven in the morning. Try this savoury flavour-blend of Johnsonville Mild Italian Sausage, cheddar cheese and onions yourself!


Prep Time


Cook Time


What You Need

2 tbsp
unsalted butter
yellow onion, medium and chopped
1 loaf
white or french bread (or preferred type), chopped into 1' cubes
2.5 cups
cheddar cheese grated
1/2 cup
parsley, chopped
large eggs
2 cups
10% cream
1 tsp

1/4 tsp
black pepper, ground
  • Grease casserole dish (approximately 9×13″ or 1.5L) with butter or non-stick cooking spray.
  • In a large pan, melt 1 tablespoon of butter of medium-high heat. Add the sausage and break apart while cooking until browned (or approximately 10 minutes). Move cooked sausage into mixing bowl, leaving the fat in the pan.
  • Lower heat to medium and add onions and 1 tablespoon of butter. Stir constantly and cook until soft and translucent (approximately 5 minutes). Add onions to mixing bowl with sausage, as well as bread cubes, cheese and parsley. Mix well and spread evenly into casserole dish.
  • Whisk the eggs, cream, salt and pepper in a medium bowl. Pour the egg mixture evenly over the breading in casserole dish. Cover with plastic wrap and leave in fridge for a few hours (preferably over night).
  • Preheat oven to 350F and bake for approximately 1 hour, or until top is golden. Reduce cooking time if casserole is left at room temperature before going in the oven.
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